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Radio Monitor

Marine Rescue Geraldton

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Consider this exciting and rewarding role by joining this local, volunteer-run, emergency service team by monitoring and operating the Marine Radio for sea rescue purposes. Radio Operators keep ongoing computer logs of outgoing boats and operates radio to respond to situations. Volunteer members enjoy contributing to their community through their rewarding and satisfying work, whilst obtaining a high degree of training and qualifications in the maritime industry and safe boating practices generally In critical situations, the duties performed by Volunteers can mean the difference between life and death. All Radio Operators are required to hold a Marine Radio Operator Certificate of Proficiency. Uniform is also supplied after a 3 month period of ongoing volunteering. All volunteers must become members prior to training.


Suitable applicants will need to have an understanding of, and commitment to, the community, particularly demonstrating empathy and compassion towards the needs of persons in distress. Adequate reading, writing and communications skills necessary.

  • Location

    Geraldton WA

  • Service

    • Marine Rescue
  • Commitment

    Regular - more than 6 months

  • Time Required

    The hours of work are variable and subject to negotiation, taking into account volunteers availability. Currently, the base is only open on Weekends/Public Holidays between the hours of 06.00 - 18.00. Would be looking for people to man the base during the week for future development of the base and the local need.

  • Suitable for

    • Travelling Volunteers
    • Groups of 10 or more
    • Wheelchair Access
  • Training

    Radio Operator's License (LROCP), Computer based Communication Console Operation

  • Reimbursement

    Cost of Certificate reimbursed after 3 months voluntary service

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