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Marine Rescue - Crew Member - Hopetoun

Marine Rescue Hopetoun

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As a Crew Member you will be provided with the appropriate training and support in vessel operations, sea survival and Maritime industry and safe boating practices.

Volunteering is an opportunity to be part of a dedicated team, learn new skills, share your skills and knowledge and gain satisfaction in helping your community in a time of need.

Almost anyone can Volunteer within Emergency Services - there is a role for anyone.


  • Heavy Lifting
  • National Police Certificate *

Entry level training is required prior to responding to an incident.
A commitment to attend regular training and attend an incident when available.

* May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.

  • Location

    Hopetoun WA

  • Service

    • Marine Rescue
  • Commitment

    Regular - more than 6 months

  • Time Required

    Commitment to attend training sessions and respond to emergency incidents when available.

  • Training

    Appropriate training is provided.

Express your interest

Some opportunities are gender specific.
Some organisations have age limited insurance.

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