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Active Multi-Skilled Volunteer

Two Rocks State Emergency Service

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**Opportunity: **Several opportunities have arisen to join the Two Rocks SES unit as an active multi-skilled member in the 590kmsq area we call home. We are a multi-skilled unit that travel across the state for chainsaw, triple Storey house roof work, tropical land searches, beach rescue, cave rescue, storm and cyclone water repair, bushfire mitigation and support, community engagement and education, state-wide level 3 radio communications and more.

Commitment Training is every Tuesday at 19:00 (we can work around FIFO and family commitments). We are all volunteers, and we do what we can when we can do the best of our abilities. We receive callouts 24/7 and understand if you can't attend every one.

Training: All training and uniform will be provided to every member during the probationary period. Extra uniform will be given depending on the courses you have passed.

**Responsibility: **As a valued member of the community helping those in need you will need, with training, to be able to climb ladders, install and use Roof Safety Systems to gain access to 3 storey houses, work in confined spaces, perform land searches at night in extremely thick bushland, provide radio support in our ComCen during emergencies, drive vehicles under conditions, support during bushfire season, assist other units or brigades during natural hazards, assist in the physical and mental first aid of missing persons, build systems to allow volunteers safe access to houses, use pumps, hoses, power tools, ropes, and more during call outs.

**Family: **Every single member in our unit has a story to share about something they have witnessed during our callouts. We support each other through the tough times and celebrate the happier times.


  • Covid-19 vaccination
  • Driver's Licence (C)
  • Driver's Licence (HR)
  • Driver's Licence (LR)
  • Driver's Licence (MR)
  • Medical Check *
  • National Police Certificate *
  • Working with Children Check *

Our General Rescue Truck needs an MR licence to drive. Don't have one, you can drive our General Rescue Utility, or support vehicle.

* May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.

  • Location

    Two Rocks WA

  • Service

    • State Emergency Service
  • Commitment

    Regular - more than 6 months

  • Time Required

    We ask a minimum of 3 hours a week commitment to the team. You will be called out for a wide variety of Natural Hazard missions, but mostly Land Searches, Storm call outs and community engagement. Quite often we are called out for 3/5 or 7 day deployments across the state or over East.

  • Training

    DFES gives you every piece of training and uniform you require to become a valued and much needed member. You'll start off with basic online courses and then you'll have a 'Basic General Rescue' course, from there you can gain extra specialist training.

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