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Social Media Coordinator

Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES)

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The key responsibilities of the Social Medial Coordinator will be to:

  • Maintain the unit's social media platforms by posting relevant content that builds a positive image for the team.
  • Connect the unit with other appropriate community groups to maintain strong relationships and continue cross group support.
  • Attend some training and social events to capture appropriate visual content and develop continued social media engagement.
  • Liase with DFES and other VFRS units to further maintain connectivity.
  • Keep unit leadership informed of all relevant activities, social media platform issues and further maintain a healthy online image.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

  • Increase your knowledge and skills.
  • Opportunity to join a team and meet great people.
  • Serve your community.
  • Personal satisfaction and challenge yourself.
  • Opportunity to apply your skills in a new environment.


  • National Police Certificate *

* May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.

  • Location

    Port Hedland WA

  • Service

    • Fire & Rescue Services
  • Commitment

    Regular - more than 6 months

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