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Narrogin SES Team Members

Department of Fire and Emergency Service - Upper Great Southern Region

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What does the Narrogin SES do? We assist our community during natural hazards by: - Making temporary emergency repairs to homes and buildings and roofs - Removing fallen trees that have damaged homes and cars - Sandbagging areas in danger of flooding and pumping out flood water - Rescuing trapped or injured people - Assisting Police in locating missing people Helping people relocate if they are in danger - Supporting DFES and firefighters during large fire incidents by transporting food to those on the ground, refilling water bombers with water/fuel,  ensuring helicopters/planes have a clearway to land and setting up radio communications plus much much more! - The most important part of what we do is educating our community on how to keep themselves and family safe during storms, earthquakes, floods, cyclones and other natural hazards.


  • Covid-19 vaccination
  • National Police Certificate *

* May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.

  • Location

    Narrogin WA

  • Service

    • State Emergency Service
  • Commitment

    Regular - more than 6 months

  • Time Required

    We train the second and forth Tuesday of every month between 18:00 and 20:00. You only go to callouts when you are available, some call outs provide advanced notice.

  • Training

    All training is provided. You don't need any base to start, just a willingness to learn new things.

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